Lunchtime Reads

Twitter is great, isn’t it?

When you follow interesting people, interesting things are bound to come up. And thanks to the people I follow, here are some of my lunchtime reads:

Unlocking Your Inner Edison
I find myself so much more focused a productive when using a “to do” list. It makes multitasking a breeze, because I always know what I need to go back to. I learned today that Thomas Edison had the ultimate “to do” list—perhaps a reason he was able to patent over 1000 ideas in his life time.

Website sponsors gambling on grades at 36 colleges
A website called Ultrinsic is taking wagers on grades from students at 36 colleges nationwide starting this month.

Just as Las Vegas sports books set odds on football games, Ultrinsic will pay you top dollar for A’s, a little less for the more likely outcome of a B average or better, and so on. You can also wager you’ll fail a class by buying what Ultrinsic calls “grade insurance.”

CEO Steven Wolf insists this is not online gambling, which is technically illegal in the United States, because wagers with Ultrinsic involve skill.

I truly cannot decide whether I think this is awesome or a horrible commentary on our culture.

Brown rewarded by Mariners with first win
Given my interactions with the man, I’m obviously happy for Daren Brown and his new role at Mariners interim manager. Plus, it’s always nice to see the local club get a win. As for Don Wakamatsu, Doug Fister summed it up nicely:

Today certainly was an emotional roller coaster. You hate to see anyone go, especially coaches who cared for us. It’s a business and when it comes down to it, we have to perform on the field.

Have you come across any interesting reads today?

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