Career Development (the sport pro’s way of justifying fantasy sports)

For the next few months I’ll be doing some…erm….career development.

And by that, I mean I have created my first fantasy football team.

I’ve done fantasy baseball for years, but have never crossed over to the world of football. In hopes of furthering my knowledge and developing a richer appreciation of America’s game, I introduce “Favre Dolla Footlong” (and yes, I’m taking suggestions for a better name).


My star player
Favre Dolla Footlong's Franchise Player


Starting Lineup:

  • QB Kevin Kolb
  • WR Roddy White
  • WR Anquan Boldin
  • WR Steve Smith
  • RB Chris Johnson
  • RB Shonn Greene
  • TE Brent Celek
  • K Mason Crosby
  • DEF New York Giants


  • RB Reggie Bush
  • QB Eli Manning
  • WR Johnny Knox
  • WR Steve Breaston
  • K John Kasay
  • DEF Miami Dolphins

I welcome all feedback and contributions to my career development.

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