Heartwarming story of the day.

It’s been awhile since I posted a heartwarming story of the day. I’ve finally found a moment to watch the Islanders v. Pens game from the other night, and I think a feel good hockey story might be just what I need after that.

So by former Islanders VP of Communications Chris Botta, For the Love of Hockey, and a Family of 25.

In an arena at Floyd Bennett Field on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, wearing number 20 for the New York Aviators of the Federal Hockey League, is a 5-foot-8, 170-pound center named Jesse Felten. The Aviators have won 14 straight games, and Felten scored the game-winning goal in their 4-2 victory in Cape Cod on Saturday. Ask him why he is playing for $250 a week at a level below the East Coast Hockey League, and Felten will tell you about his love of the game and how he sees these winters as a stepping stone to a coaching career.

He’ll also tell you he plays to honor his family: Ronald and Carol Felten of Cashton, Wis., and Jesse’s 23 siblings.


And if you enjoy this story on Felten, here is one more from 2009.

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