Heartwarming story of the day.

My heart was warmed earlier today by visions of 15 flat panel monitors surrounding me in a plush red office that broadcast sports two even larger screens 24/7 (because really, if I had all that would there be any reason to every actually leave the office? But I digress…)

Here’s a story that might warm your heart. Or maybe not.

I’m conflicted. I am absolutely inspired by the spirit and skill of athletes like Anthony Burruto, who have overcome disabilities to match or (perhaps in Burruto’s case) excel over their peers. You see, despite not having legs, Burruto is a pretty darn good pitcher, and can hurl a fastball 80 miles per hour as a high school sophomore. A few years ago, ESPN magazine even highlighted Burruto’s talents and his use of prosthetic legs. At the time, he was so good that he forced ESPN to pose the question: How can able-bodied kids keep up with the superabled?

(Actually a pretty interesting article which dares to discuss whether athletes with prosthetics could one day have an advantage over their peers. Click to read.)

Now, if Burruto’s story had different outcome, it would knock it right out of the park (sometimes you just have to go there with the baseball clichĂ©) as far as heartwarming stories go. But he recently made the news because he was cut from his high school baseball team because coach Mike Bradley did not believe Burruto had the prowess necessary to field a bunt.

I wasn’t at tryouts, so I’ll hold my opinion as to whether I think this was right or wrong. I’ve enjoyed the debates so far and I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

Here’s the piece from ABC News. Let me know what you think.

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