These are the reasons…

Nights like these turn me into a pile of goo.

You see, my favorite thing about working in sports (pardon the cheese-factor) is seeing dreams come true. I love being around a rookie the night of his major league debut, or working an event where I’m able to introduce a middle-aged man to his childhood hero. I don’t melt over much, but these kinds of things get me every time.

ImageTonight the Pittsburgh Penguins played host to a charity game between the Pittsburgh Police force and the Pittsburgh Firefighters (between the fans and the generosity of 84 Lumber, we raised $16,830 for a firefighter who was recently diagnosed with ALS). I must say, I’m immensely proud of the organization and the fans coming together to create such an incredible experience. The game entertainment was top notch…the same quality you’d see at an NHL game. The fans were great, cheering for our community heroes and treating them like total rock stars. It was awesome to see.

While what these men do on a daily basis is wonderful, I can’t help but think they were relishing this moment to live out an NHL dream—if only for one day.

Most little boys, when you ask then what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll tell you police officer, firefighter or professional athlete. It felt like these guys could cross one more item off the boyhood dreams bucket list.

Anyway, I sort of felt the way I did the first time I watched my favorite commercial of all time. Have a looksie:


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